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From time to time we are contacted by an individual who needs help finding a new home for their Bengal for one reason or another. Things change and some situations are out of our control. Once we have made sure the original breeder has been contacted, we will do our best to help find a suitable home but we can not make promises. If you are on this page its likely because you have seen a post referring to a Bengal who is in need of being Rescued or Adopted. If that's you, here is the link to the application

Please fill it out completely in order to be considered. 

Please keep in mind we are very busy and it might take a couple days to respond. If there is a Bengal currently up for adoption and you have already filled out an application but have not heard back from us within 48 hours, please reach out to us @

Thank you for your help in sharing our posts and continued efforts in finding these Bengals new homes.

Joshua and Michelle Farnsworth

CosmicBengal LLC

Find the Application here

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