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Thank you for participating!

I recently started collecting Registered Bengal Breeder Information for a reference spreadsheet. I would like to add ALL willing Registered breeders to this reference spreadsheet. Please ONLY use this form if you are OUTSIDE of the USA. If you are in the USA please use this form


Hopefully this will help coordinating some HCM clinics, knowing your neighbors, knowing who is close by when you need help, knowing who to contact for future breeding dams and sires etc. This list could be something great if we allow it to be.

Here's a link to the WorldWide form if you would like to participate

The following information will be gathered and included on the spreadsheet.

•Registered Cattery name
•Your real name
•Your Country
•Your City
•Your website address (if you have one)
•Your email address
•Your phone number
•Do you HCM screen ALL your cats? If yes, at what age and how often
•Do you test ALL your cats for PK-Def
•Do you test ALL your cats for Pra-b
•Do you test ALL your cats for FIV/Felv
•Your registration affiliation
•Do you actively show or not

All questions are mandatory but you can answer with a "NO" or "NONE" when applicable

~You will get a link to the spreadsheet ONLY if you are participating in the list. Can (the link will be sent to your email address. Please give it a day or two for me to input the information)

~If something is entered wrong please let us know immediately.

Thank you to Everyone for participating. Lets ALL work together to 
build a stronger community.

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